Hi, I'm Luis!

I'm currently back to Brazil after almost 4 years traveling around the globe, most precisely +20 countries, searching for meaning and inspiration. And working hard. I have a Bachelors degree in Marketing and Advertising, but since 2012 I have a love story with photography.

For the last two years, I worked as a professional portrait photographer for Royal Caribbeans Cruise Lines, creating memories of a lifetime for many guests at sea. I enjoy posing people, but the photos I look for when I'm creating are the natural, candid and emotion-filled ones. I give my best to capture the essence of each one of my subjects, and make them feel good and happy with it.

I enjoy doing many things, such as waking up without an alarm set, listening to my favorite new songs on the road, finding new artists and sharing them with the world, writing love letters just for the sake of writing something, reading books that make me forget about the real world, sitting in a park looking at the nature, diving under a waterfall, long conversations about life and love, learning new languages, hugging beloved persons, old jokes with old friends, new jokes with new people, beans of top of the rice, color grading videos, developing photos, drinking mate, poetry, changing old opinions, playing basketball yearly, going to the movies, studying the light around me, leaving, and finding reasons to stay.

Nothing fulfills me more than making a difference in someone's life with an image I made. And that's my goal every time I plan to go out to create something.